Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Miss Mya

A friend of CARE asked us to post these pictures of Mya, a sweet kitten she recently found.

Mya is about 4 months old and is a tabby. She is an absolutely gorgeous cat. Our friend found her on a farm in the Poconos. Mya was emaciated and freezing when our friend discovered her. But she must have known that our friend was going to take her out of that situation because she jumped right in the car and was ready to go!

Our friend said that Mya is one of the sweetest kittens she has ever encountered. She's a lap cat and she always sleeps curled up against your legs. She gets along very well with other cats, but she seems to be afraid of dogs. She is litterbox trained and eats dry and wet food. She was lucky enough to find a person who wanted to help her. Now she needs a forever home. Please give her a home! She will have all shots and be spayed before adoption. Please look at Mya's pictures... and admit it, you know you will fall in love with her! If you would like to adopt Mya, please contact us at

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