Friday, March 27, 2009

About me

Hi. My name is Sam. I am a big, tabby cat, and I live with my family in Philadelphia. I have a really nice home, and my people love me very much. I am such a lucky kitty! I may not have had such a great place to stay if a lady from C.A.R.E. hadn’t come along one day. When my mommy was going to have me, she lived on the streets of South Philly. The wonderful lady brought my mom in her house, and when I was born, I had a nice, warm place to stay. I had lots to eat, and lots of love. But what I really wanted was a forever home. I wanted to have my own family. And I wanted to be special.

When two other C.A.R.E members heard about me, they just couldn’t wait to meet me! They were looking for another kitty to add to their family. Even though I was a little shy at first, when I met them, I knew that I found my forever home. I am just glad that they couldn’t resist me either! Now I have a human mommy and a daddy and two other kitty friends to keep me company. I love making my people laugh, so I do lots silly things. I like playing with my furry toy mice, running around the house, and jumping in the air like an acrobat! I also enjoy mealtime. Since I am a big boy, I need to eat lots of good food. I’m the first one at the bowls when it’s time to eat dinner!

I am a special kitty indeed. I found a home and a family. Some of my animal friends from C.A.R.E. still haven’t found their forever families. I want to help them. A few of them are a little bit older, but they have terrific personalities and they would make any family happy! They deserve to have a home like I do. If people would give the C.A.R.E. cats a chance, they would never regret it…and they’d have their own special kitties too!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Compassionate Animal Relief Effort, Inc. (C.A.R.E.)

C.A.R.E. is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization. Contributions directly benefit the animals and are tax deductible.

Pet Adoptions
Foster pets are made available for adoption at area veterinarian clinics and pet stores. Also look on our Petfinder and Facebook sites. Sam Sez also posts pictures of our available animals.

Humane Education
Our volunteers are out in the community on most weekends promoting responsible pet ownership practices, enlightening people to the reality of homeless animals, encouraging the spaying/neutering of all cats and dogs, and presenting foster animals for adoption at area veterinarian offices, pet centers, and special events.

Our all-volunteer group began as a food bank for homeless animals. For twelve years, we worked under the umbrella of a city shelter. This work contributed to the welfare of small animals in a number of significant ways: under writing facility improvements; offering low and no cost spay/neuter certifications and food supplies; and promoting humane education within the community.

In July 1995, our group was officially incorporated as Compassionate Animal Relief Effort, Inc. The focus of our effort is on the promotion of spay/neutering, as each year millions of cats and dogs are needlessly euthanized because of overpopulation. Additionally, we do limited rehabilitation of stray dogs and cats for adoption through our foster care program.

Spay/Neuter Program
Our organization offers low cost spay/neuter assistance for those who cannot afford this procedure. We also provide spay/neuter assistance for those caring for feral colonies. Over the years, the group has developed relationships with a large number of area veterinarians to provide safe procedures for animals in need of this service. To date, more than 7,500 pet owners have received assistance through our program.

Foster Care Program
A significant portion of our work is devoted to the rescue and fostering of stray cats and dogs. Foster animals are cared for by volunteers in their homes until permanent placements can be made. One notable effort took place in 1993: volunteers joined forces in the rescue, medical rehabilitation, and placement of 85 cats and kittens from one city residence. In past years, volunteers have performed the same services at other sites, one involving 29 cats and another 70 cats.

Our Goal
Each year the animal shelters in the city of Philadelphia euthanize thousands of healthy, adoptable animals simply because there are not enough homes for them. This problem is solvable; we already know the answer - Spay & Neuter - especially strays. The success of our program depends on us and you. We need your financial support to continue our work.

Please help us make Philadelphia a city where every animal has a home and "euthanasia" is only a word found in the dictionary.

Please care about these animals. We do.

P.O. Box 2527
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 462-1889