Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take me home

Please help Grey. He is about 4 years old, and is a leukemia positive cat that is in urgent need of a home. He's doing really well, even though he is positive. If he doesn't find a home soon, he is going to be put down. He's not going to be put to sleep because he is positive; rather he is being put down because he is no longer wanted. His owner has to move, and the people where she is moving don't want Grey. He was originally rescued from the streets by his owner. He survived the city streets and he must have thought that he found his forever home when the lady took him in. Now he is facing the biggest battle of his life, because he has to find a home before his time runs out. It is a shame that he is going be put down because nobody will give him a home. He is loving and would be a great pal. He just needs a lot of attention and love. He will give you back love and attention. Since he is positive, he has to be placed in a home with another leukemia positive cat, or in a home by himself. If you are truly an animal lover, and you have a means to help Grey, please contact us ASAP. Grey will be put down very soon if a home is not found. True animal lovers will want to help this guy if they can. It's not fair that his life has to be over because he is unwanted. Contact us by going to our petfinder page at where you will see more information about Grey and our other animals, or email us at or Contact phone number is on the petfinder page. This plea for Grey's life is one of our biggest pleas. Please help us give this wonderful cat another chance to live.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just look at our twins! Saturday and Sunday are adorable sisters. They were found on a Saturday and rescued on a Sunday. That's how they got their names. They are about 11 weeks old, and are playful and fun just as kittens are supposed to be. They love doing everything together, and snuggle with each other every day.

Saturday and Sunday are a cute couple of black kittens (with a patch of white on their chests) who not only love each other, but they also love their foster mom.

Their mom can't keep them forever though. These girls need a special family who will love them for life! Since they are twins, and since they adore each other so much, they would probably do best if they were kept together. However, we will consider splitting them up for the right person and to the right home. If you are looking for two kitties, these girls would be perfect for you. They both have great personalities and will keep you smiling for years to come. They are too precious for words, and you'd have to see them to understand just how truly special they are.

We only adopt to responsible pet owners who have vet references and who are willing to take the time and the patience to care for these cuties. If you'd like to adopt Saturday and Sunday, please contact us at or call 215-879-8645. You can also find us on under Compassionate Animal Relief Effort. If a kitten is too much for you to handle at this time, consider adopting one of our older cats. You can find the awesome animals we have in our care on the petfinder page. After all, older pets deserve good homes too!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lost One

Meet Solo. She was found poking around a garbage can on a patio. Solo was all by herself. No mom, no siblings, no people. She seemed so lonely and afraid. Her foster mom took her in and cleaned her up and gave her some food and some mother's cat milk. Solo is about 12 weeks old, and she is a beautiful little girl. She needs a home....and once you meet her, you will want that home to be yours. How can you look at such a beautiful girl and not want to snuggle her? She had a rough start, so she should find a terrific family who can give her all of the love in the world. If you'd like to adopt Solo, please email us at or call 215-879-8645.