Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two movie stars

Move over, Mary-Kate and Ashley! The Onyx Twins are here! Saturday and Sunday will steal the show! They are two precious sisters still looking for their forever home. They are beautiful with their shiny black and white coats. They are regal and lovely, and they are two special ladies indeed. They are a little bit older now than then last time we featured them. They are still kittens though.

They are full of energy, and more importantly, they are full of love. All they want to do is share that love with a special person. We know that it's not always easy to take two kittens at a time. However, we cannot separate these twins now. They are best friends, and they love each other very much. They wouldn't know what to do without the other. If you watch them play and snuggle with each other, you would be able to tell right away that they couldn't bear to be apart. You wouldn't want to be taken away from your best friend, would you? Well Saturday and Sunday want to stay together too. Besides, having two cute kitties will brighten you day; they will give you double the amount of love. Can't you please be the one who takes these sisters? We know the person who opens his or her home will have to be a special person.

And we only want a special person to contact us. Some people might think that black cats are bad luck. But isn't that ridiculous to think that way in 2010? Look at the faces of these kittens. How can they be anything but angels in disguise? Let them come into your life and be your special good luck charms. Do not reply unless you are a serious, responsible pet owner. We make home visits, and we check references. We will not adopt to people who will not provide the proper home, or who will not love these babies for life! Please e-mail us at carephilly@gmail.com or call 215-879-8645. Do something wonderful. Give these two girls a home.