Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Friends of the Family

I just got a phone call from another friend of C.A.R.E. She told me that she rescued 5 kittens. They were found in a box in the parking lot of a shopping center. Someone apparently simply left them there. Thank goodness that my friend was shopping today and that her friend told her about these babies. The kittens are safe and are being fostered. Their foster mom said that they seem to be doing well, and that they will be ready for forever homes soon. They are probably about 4-5 weeks old now. These cats are not C.A.R.E. cats, but the friend asked me to post information about them here on Sam Sez and on Facebook. If you're interested in adopting one (or two or three), contact Pictures of these cute kitties will follow soon. I'm working on getting their cute fuzzy faces up on this site.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friends of the Family

A friend asked if I could post some pictures to C.A.R.E.'s blog. These pictures are of two wonderful cats that need a home. They are not being fostered by C.A.R.E., but they need their forever home(s), and I thought that I could put out the word. Their owner can no longer care for them, and they are likely to be put down if a family is not found. Their names are Pixie and Pooky, and they are 7 year old male kitties. They can be separated if necessary, but if a loving person can take both of these boys, that would be even better.

Pooky is a special needs cat. He is a diabetic and he must have 2 shots of insulin a day. His owner said that she is willing to pay for his medicine for a year if the right person came along to give him a home. He is very sweet and affectionate; he adores having his belly scratched and rubbed. He actually lies down and waits for you to scratch his belly! He loves when it's bed time because he loves to sleep at your feet. What more can you ask for in a fur friend? Since he has special needs, he needs a special person. If you're that person, PLEASE HELP! E-mail for more information.

The guy in the pictures below is Pixie, and he also needs a home. Pixie is 7 years old and he likes to play with little spongy balls. He insists on being close to you when he is sleeping. He is a sweetie pie, and he is very affectionate. He jumps onto your lap! What can be better in this life than having a cat who likes to jump onto your lap? Once again, even though he and Pooky are friends, they can be separated if necessary. If you can take both of these guys, that would make their day. Please contact us at if you are interested in giving Pixie and/or Pooky a home. You can also find us and like us on Facebook.